Clay-pot Recipe, Kadgi Sukhi (Mangalorean food)

Raw Jackfruit Dry / Kadgi Sukhi in Clay Pot

Clay-pot recipes are one my families ancient ways of  cooking. My granies backyard has a separate open fireplace to cook food in clay-pots. My mom still cooks food in clay pots in granies kitchen. The food prepared in them are one of the tastiest than when prepared using other utensils.

Having lived abroad some foods can never replace home food. During my recent visit to Mangalore, I had enjoyed having cooked raw jackfruit prepared in clay pot (as we always do!). After I got to know that, this fruit is one of the fruits unknown to most people, I made sure I took a picture of it this time.

Home grown Jackfruits | Delicious Sweet Aroma

It varies in size. Since this fruit is very sticky, once cracked open, its a good idea to oil your hands and knife  before cutting. It’s an excellent vegetarian substitute for meat because of the fleshy inside. The skin of unripe jackfruit must be peeled first, the rest is chopped and then used to prepare savory dish with spicy chili paste. Young jackfruits also used to prepare curries, pickles and other dishes.

Raw jackfruitDSC04519

The size of Jackfruit used for preparing this recipe

Preparation time: 45 mins

Cooking time: 1 hour

Serves: 4 – 6 as sides


Raw Jackfruit – 1 small sized

Salt – 1 tsp


For tempering:

Vegetable/Sunflower oil – 2 tbsp

Mustard seeds – 3/4 tsp

Fresh/Frozen grated coconut – 1.5 cups (depending on the quantity)

Curry leaves – 2 stems

Garlic cloves – 2 large, smashed

Tamarind – 3 seeds, mixed in some water, seeds discarded

Onion – 1 medium, thinly sliced

Water – 1 cup or as required

Salt if necessary

Veg Red chili paste (click here) – 3 tbsp (mild), depending on spice level


How to >> Cut Raw Jackfruit


+ Prepare the working surface by covering with a large plastic. Add water into a large bowl and keep it aside.

Cut the Jackfruit into halves. Here, a traditional method using a sickle made it more easier. You can also use a large knife. (Following video shows how a ripe Jackfruit is cut)

Remove the latex from the fruit if a lot oozes out.

+Remove the skin. Cut them into chunks and dip them into the bowl of water. Set it aside until your ready to cook in the next steps.

Once your done. Apply  few drops of veg oil on hands to remove the latex. Wash with soap.

1. Cooking the jackfruit:

Strain the liquid from the jackfruit that was previously soaked in water. Add them into a claypot and enough water to soak. Add 1 tsp salt. Cook this until it becomes soft for 30 mins – 45 mins.

Kadgi Sukhi/Mangalorean cuisine/Raw jackfruit recipe

Raw Jackfruit dry, kadgi Sukhi, young jackfruit


Once the jackfruit is cooked. Strain it in a colander. Crush the jackfruit gently.


Crushed cooked jackfruit

Cooked raw jackfruit, gujje, halsinahannu

2. Tempering: Prepare the ingredients as given under tempering.

Tempering ingredients for Kadgi Sukhi

Heat a clay-pot. Add oil. When the oil is very hot, add mustard seeds. After they sputter, add curry leaves and garlic. Stir for few seconds.

Tempering in a Claypot

Add onions. Stir fry until they turn translucent.

adding onion

3. Add red chili paste and fry for few seconds. Then, add grated coconut, tamarind water and some salt. Mix well and toss for a few mins.

Grated coconut and masala in claypot

Add some water.

Claypot recipe, raw jackfruit recipe, South-Indian cuisine

4. Add the cooked jackfruit and mix well to coat the spice paste. Cook for 5- 10 minutes.

Kadgi Recipe, Raw Jackfruit Dry Recipe

You can enjoy having it plain or by using it as a side-dish.


Delicious Mangalorean Kadgi Sukhe, Raw Jackfruit Recipe

Sorry for a few blurry pics, I tried my best for good shots with time constraint. I hope you still enjoy making this. You can also try the recipe on how to make snacks using ripe jackfruit.

Stay Healthy!