Caramel orange pudding

Caramel Orange Pudding

Preparation time:  15-20 minutes

Cooking time: 30-45 minutes





Aluminium container pan

Granulated Sugar – 2 tsp (for the caramel)

Eggs – 3

Sugar powdered – ½ cup    

Butter – 2 tsp 

Milk – 1 cup

Fresh Orange juice – ½ cup

Orange zest – 1 tsp

All purpose flour / Maida – 4 tsp




For the caramel

+ Spread 2 tsp of granulated sugar in the cooking pudding pan and switch on the flame to high.

+ As the sugar begins to melt in a minute or two, lower the flame to low & it will start to browning towards dark brown. Switch off the flame at this point.

+ It will take a while for the caramel to liquify. Swirl the pan so that the caramel is spread out nicely. 

+ Keep it aside


caramel, sugar melted, upside down pudding



 1. Blend powdered sugar (I used fine sugar), egg yolks and butter together until creamy using a electric hand mixer.

Egg yolks, sugar, butter


2. Add orange zest, flour, milk and orange juice. Combine well until fully incorporated.



3. Beat egg whites in a separate bowl until foamy & add it into the above egg yolk mixture.



pudding mix

4. Pour the prepared pudding mix into the prepared caramel pan. Cover the top with a Al-foil or a same sized lid.


 pudding ready to be steamed

5. Using a pressure cooker, add in 1 cup of water. Then place a stand inside & the pan over the stand.Cover the steamer lid without the whistle.

stand placed inside the pressure cooker, oudding

steaming pudding in a pressure cooker


6. For induction cooking keep it on 7, for others keep on medium heat. After 30 minutes, open the lid, make a small hole on the foil & insert a skewer.

If it comes out clean. it’s done. If it hasn’t come out clean, let it cook for another 15 minutes on 7. Switch off the heat and let it rest without touching it for half an hour.

7. Remove the pan from the steamer, let it cool down. Once its cooled, refrigerate for 4 hrs or until you are ready to serve chilled.

 caramel orange pudding

To Serve:

+ Loose the edges of the pan with a table knife.

+ Carefully, invert it onto the serving plate.


Enjoy!! 🙂 Stay Healthy!