Layered Jelly & Custard

Jelly and Custard Recipe

A basic Jelly and Custard recipe is quiet simple dessert, even simpler when they have directions provided in a package. In fact, I had previously posted a photo on my Facebook page without the recipe and thought that the recipe is very basic anyone would be able to make it. However, I wanted to share the recipe that would absolutely impress anyone especially if your a beginner. So, if your on Facebook and have missed some of my posts make sure to check it out. Also, My Instagram page is very active. 🙂

Nowadays, I’m a decent from scratch cook when it comes to baking or even making desserts. Before making this dessert I had to plan ahead of time on weather to prepare jelly first or the custard while organizing my other chores. It’s very simple with less effort, mix it with fresh fruits or just eat plain. Not many think of eating plain I believe? The reason why you see a bowl of only Jello is because I love eating plain raspberry or strawberry Jello just like that!




Preparation time: 10 minutes

Setting time: 1 – 2 hrs

Cooking time: 20 minutes



Muffin pan & 2 Dessert/Wine glasses for setting the jelly


For the jelly: I prepared this first and kept overnight in the fridge to set.

Jello pack, raspberry flavor – 1 (90 g pack, used half the pack)

Water – 250 ml ( 125 ml hot water + 125 ml cold water)

Caster Sugar – 2 tbsp or more


For the Custard: The following day 

Custard powder – 4 tbsp (Bird’s custard powder, original flavor)

Cold milk – 900 ml

Caster sugar – 4 tbsp or more




I used half the pack. Package comes with directions, here is a more precise method I used for half pack jelly crystals (You can double the water content for  whole pack).

1. Open the package.

Jelly pack

Heat a saucepan with 125 ml water (or you can use a microwave to heat water, container must be able to fill in 250 ml ).

2. Pour half pack of jelly crystals (I didn’t measure) into hot water. Add 2 tbsp of sugar.

how to prepare jelly

Dissolve Jelly, stir it until it dissolves. Once dissolved mix the rest 125 ml of cold water.

3. Prepare the muffin pan by spreading a long towel over it.

Start by positioning the glass and resting its base over a long towel at 45 degree angle so it doesn’t slip. Roll the opposite corner of the towel to support the rim as seen below. Now, remove the glasses without moving the tray & pour the jelly halfway.

Position them back onto the tray and place in the refrigerator at the top of the shelf for 1 hour or until they are set. They will set perfectly as long as they are not disturbed. I left it overnight in the fridge.

How to make layered jelly & Cus



1. Take any cup filled with 1/2 cup cold milk taken from 900 ml of milk. Add 4 tbsp of custard powder with 4 tbsp sugar.

Custard mixture

2. Mix smoothly until dissolved. In the meantime, place the rest of the milk in a saucepan to heat.

3. When nearly boiling. remove from heat, pour the mixed custard to milk, stir well.

Custard mixing into hot milk

4. Return the custard to heat and bring to boil, stirring continuously. Let it cool.

Preparing custard

Pour the custard into the set jelly glass. Place it back in the fridge and serve when ready.

Layered Jelly & Custard

Rest of the custard I mixed it with different fruits like papaya, apple, banana and served cold. You can serve warm or chilled.

Enjoy the creamy custard with jelly!

Custard with mixed fruits


Stay Healthy!



*Half pack of Jello is good enough to fill the glasses. The rest of the pack I used to eat plain 🙂



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