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Beet Apple Carrot juice

This fresh juice of beetroot, carrot and apple has a wonderful rich red color of beets with their natural sweetness. Its stunningly delicious which has been one of my favorites ever since. Having this chilled was refreshing and has been considered as a miracle drink because of a wide range of health benefits.

Preparation time: 5 -10 minutes

Appliance: Juice machine / Juice Blender

Makes: 2 – 3




Raw beetroot – 1 medium / 165 g  , peeled, washed and roughly chopped (*see notes)

Carrots – 1 medium / 100 g, peeled, washed and roughly chopped

Apple – 1/ 135 g, washed and roughly chopped

Water – 1 cup

vegetable brush (optional)



1. Wash the beets and carrots under cool running water removing any dirt, residues on the skins or bruises and molds. If you intend to use the skin scrub it with a vegetable brush.

2. Cut the beets, carrots and apples removing any pits and areas you do not want to juice.

cut veg fruits_9252

Put them in a juice blender with 1 cup water (*see notes). Run the juicer for a minute to get it moving. Add some ice cubes and run for few more seconds until they are all juiced.


3. Its best to serve immediately for optimal freshness and nutritional content. The lon



*I suggest preparing this juice intended for one time and not storing it which otherwise could create stomach discomfort.

*Portion the beets, carrots and apple to fit easily into your juicer not to overstuff, otherwise the juicer blade and motor could get damaged.

*Using ice cubes tends to heat the juice less to maintain the freshness.

*You can include the stem and greens of beetroot to boost the nutritional content.


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Stay Healthy!

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