Parmesan Stuffed Chicken | Chicken Recipes | Delicious Sweet Aroma

Parmesan Stuffed Chicken

There is no reason why one cannot try this recipe of Parmesan Stuffed Chicken. It doesn’t require fancy ingredients to make a phenomenal delicious filling dinner/lunch.   Preparation time: 15 – 20 minutes Cooking/Baking time: 25 minutes Ingredients Chicken Breasts / Boneless chicken – 4 Baking tray 13-in. × 9-in. Olive oil for greasing couple of […]

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Egg puffs | Easy recipe by Delicious Sweet Aroma

Egg Puffs with Easy filling

On the occasion of Easter weekend, I baked Egg Puffs wondering if something similar like these that are made in bakeries can be re-created at home. I never thought Egg puffs were this easy to be made at home, especially when you feel confounded by making a dough and your not too sure if the pastry would turn out […]

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pound cake, tea-time snack | Delicious

Lemon Cake

This is a delicious pound cake infused with lemon juice and zest. Lemon cake is an easy baked cake especially for beginners who are learning to bake. With a nice cup of tea it tastes amazing. I did not add any topping or sugar glaze because I do not have a sweet tooth. The same […]

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roasted pork ribs in the oven

Pork Ribs Recipe

It is my first preparation of a marinade for pork ribs which turned out as good as I expected. Previously, I had prepared pork ribs but it lacked some ingredient and marination time was less which is why I was reluctant to post it until now. I realized that this recipe turned out just the way I wanted. The […]

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Fresh butter biscuit from the oven

Butter Biscuits

I love biscuits that are very light flavored, so I thought of baking something easy like the butter biscuit. I had this at Texas Chicken and I loved the idea of making it on my own. This recipe is similar to the recipe I found in of Kentucky biscuits but I made some adjustments in […]

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Pineapple, Honey and Pistachio Flapjacks

Pineapple, Honey and Pistachio Flapjacks

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been out of town and hence didn’t find time to post. So, hold your horses, because soon I will be posting about my getaway experience. Now since I’m back, after settling in, I tried this delicious easy snack, flapjacks recipe like an oat bar which makes […]

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snacks, Baked Jaggery Pancake Muffin

Baked Jaggery Pancake Muffin

I love this version of baked muffin, as it gave me a taste of all the flavors of snacks we used to have as a kid and even now. The main components being jaggery and cinnamon, is just a lovely combination! It’s an evening snack recipe, easy to prepare in less than an hour. In […]

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Cocoa Cake | Easy | Vegan Cake Recipe

Cocoa Easy Cake

No matter what level of baker you are, this  quick and easy cake recipe can be done in a matter of few minutes. No butter, no eggs, no milk, no whipping! It has a dense texture. The first time I prepared this cocoa flavored cake it was on my husband’s birthday. It was my first cake with cocoa, the […]

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baked and spiced chicken thighs

Baked and Spiced Chicken Thighs

This easy recipe of spicy baked chicken thighs could be very satisfying with any food that comes along with it. It is a healthy alternative to deep frying your chicken. My hubby loves this recipe. So, go ahead and satisfy that hungry belly. Preparation time: 2 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Ingredients De-skin Chicken thighs – 2 […]

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Tapioca cake, Cassava cake

Moist Cassava Cake (or Tapioca Cake)

Cassava cake is one of my favorite snack with a light, delicious, aromatic flavor. It is one of the traditional tea time snack that looked inviting to me at the local bakeries in Singapore. It might look simple but once you taste it the texture of the cake is supremely addictive. Tapioca cake in Malay is called as Kuih Bingka […]

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