Fresh Raw Juice | Beet, Carrot,Apple | Delicious Sweet Aroma

Beet Apple Carrot juice

This fresh juice of beetroot, carrot and apple has a wonderful rich red color of beets with their natural sweetness. Its stunningly delicious which has been one of my favorites ever since. Having this chilled was refreshing and has been considered as a miracle drink because of a wide range of health benefits. Preparation time: […]

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Banana Shake topped with whipped cream

Banana Cream Shake

It’s been a while since my last post, but now I’m back. Well, I have been learning to bake and the best way I learn – Bake it yourself! Cooking is fun but sometimes it’s like a laboratory measuring, testing etc. That requires a lot of patience! So, yesterday I thought of making a refreshing drink. The […]

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