Ready to eat Deep-Fried Wontons with thai sauce

Crispy Pork Wonton – Chinese

I have been wanting to try out the crispy version of Chinese deep-fried wontons ever since the time I have eaten these at a local food court in Singapore. They are crispy and delicious which makes it a perfect homemade appetizer for potluck parties. One can just buy these store bought wonton wrappers or wonton […]

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Coconut Shrimp Fry Recipe | Delicious Sweet Aroma

Coconut Shrimp Fry

It’s been far too long since I’ve deep-fried food and had a crazy craving for some seafood. Shrimp fry with a lovely twist of coconut and breadcrumb mix was a great treat. Coconut Shrimp Fry šŸ¤Ā has a delicious coating of sweetness and light crunch. Although I had fresh grated coconut I wanted to try out […]

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Mangaloran Snack | Christmas| Delicious Sweet Aroma

Diamond cuts (Tukdi)

I’m quiet surprised that I’m making another snack for Christmas. After my Sweet curls recipeĀ this is my second recipe on Christmas goodies. I prepared this yesterday and I loved the way they turned out. Diamond cuts or Tukdi (we call it in konkani at home) is a traditional snack. It’sĀ still a favoriteĀ snack to munch on […]

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Crispy Chicken Fry

Crispy Chicken Fry, yes! It’s chicken again, Yoho! But this one adds more crunch. Why? The crunchiness is because I used oats as a coating which is healthy and adds more fiber to your diet. Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time : 25 minutes Ingredients SkinlessĀ Chicken with bones – 500 g , Ā cut into small […]

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