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Diamond cuts (Tukdi)

I’m quiet surprised that I’m making another snack for Christmas. After my Sweet curls recipe this is my second recipe on Christmas goodies. I prepared this yesterday and I loved the way they turned out.

Diamond cuts or Tukdi (we call it in konkani at home) is a traditional snack. It’s still a favorite snack to munch on while at home. They are crunchy, fluffy and hollow. It is made in different varieties, sweet or biscuit flavored. I made a small batch of it and the recipe is very easy.

Have a joyous Christmas 🎄🎅

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 30 mins

Utensil : Pizza cutter/biscuit cutter

Roller pin



Vegetable oil for deep frying

Unbleached All-purpose flour/Maida + extra for dusting – 250 g

Unsalted butter (soft)- 2 tbsp

Chickpea flour – 25 g

Salt – 1/3 tsp

Water – 1/2 cup or as required for the dough ( *EDIT), room temp




1. In a medium bowl, add all-purpose flour,  chickpea flour, salt, butter. Mix together with your hand. Add water in parts and knead until you get a soft elastic dough. It’ll tend to be sticky at the beginning, keep kneading until it becomes smooth.



2. Prepare a rolling surface, dust the surface with flour. Take a small portion of the dough and form a ball. Place it on rolling surface and sprinkle some flour again. This will help prevent sticking.


Now, using a rolling pin, roll the dough thin (not too thin or thick).


3. Using a small biscuit roller/pizza cutter, cut the flour vertically with 1.5 cm spacing between each line. Then, cut them in horizontal direction that shape it into a diamond form.

vertical cut of doughhorizontal cuts

diamond cuts from dough

Carefully transfer them, by using a knife edge to slide them onto a flat plate without disrupting it’s shape.


4. After your done making diamond cuts. Heat a container with oil on medium-high heat (If your using induction, keep it on 7).

5. Drop a piece to check if the oil is hot. It’l start sizzling and bubbling. Slide the diamond cuts in oil in batches, not to over-crowd them. It will start puffing up. Stir them gently so they get separated. Let it fry for a minute or two, until golden brown.

tukdiyo, tukdi, diamond cuts


6. Strain them into paper towel. Pour the next batch until all are done deep-frying.

diamond cuts, snack


Mangaloran snack, christmas snack


* Keep them in airtight container to retain the crispiness once they have completely cooled down.


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*While kneading the dough, if it tends to be sticky add some flour.

*Dust generous amount of all-purpose flour before running the biscuit roller otherwise they stick to the plate which will tend to loose its shape while sliding into hot oil.



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Stay healthy!


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