I haven’t written any pages but, here I am writing my first page. The process of learning to make something for this hungry girl all started during my early 20’s. Have you experienced the thoughts & signals your brain gives you every time you wake up first thing in the morning: what shall I have today for breakfast? Bread, Snacks, Sausages, Eggs….? And then lunch, dinner?? While being a student abroad you have the best opportunity, a choice to cook, for yourself or your family and that’s when one realizes how much you miss home food where your mom used to cook back there. There I was, no idea what to prepare!! Now, I know that feeling Mom! Making easy dishes like spaghetti and pasta or rice with nuggets, salad or sausages was the only thing I could think of making. While being a student abroad with no time to cook fast and easy was what killed my hunger. Thanks to my sister from whom I learnt some very basics when I just moved abroad. Since then, over the years a lot of people who are my family and friends have inspired me into learning a few dishes which I will be posting here. I hope my recipes could help even the starters to make great dishes for their loved ones.