Let It Snow – Window Clings

It’s December! Yay!! A season to be jolly and be crafty to celebrate Christmas. Making window decals with colorful snowflakes is an exquisite way of decorating your home.

For me a snowy Christmas is such an amazing feeling since most of my life I have lived in a tropical climate and snow during Christmas is SO MAGICAL!! In Singapore I don’t get to experience a snowy winter which makes it incomplete without a few flakes of snow. Custom made snowflakes from glitter glue is indeed fun anytime. It can be made into any shapes and designs you like and let it dry overnight. Get your kids into making these and hang them on windows and they will love it. They can be removed, re-positioned and reused for next year as well. So what are you waiting for?

Resting time : overnight or 24 hours





Tulip dimentional fabric paint glitter / Tulip puffy fabric paint – Multicolour

Wax paper /  Storage plastic zip-lock bags

Printed template design of choice or ready made design from any magazine (template for print below):

Snowflake Template



1. Place a equal size wax paper over the template design A4 sheet and secure the ends with tiny tapes. You could also use zip-lock storage bags instead of wax paper or clear surfaces that are able to bend to peel them easily later.

Supplies_window clings

2. Give a light shake to get rid of any bubbles in the tube. Squeeze the paint and start tracing the snowflake making sure the lines are thick and touching without any gaps or bubbles.

glitter glue

3. Once all are traced, simply let them sit overnight or for a day until they are completely dry. Drying time depends on the thickness of paint used so the time taken may vary.

If your making ornaments of shapes in round it might get a bit tricky to remove so make sure the paint is traced thick.

4. Carefully peel them away slowly starting from the edges. If the paint is thinner it gets slightly harder to peel tearing apart or might even loose shape.

Secure it with your hands and stick onto windows or flat surfaces. It also clings to flat wooden surfaces.


Wow! I love the color.

Snowflake window cling

I also traced the Merry Christmas letters. It couldn’t fit in one page because if its size so I haven’t provided a copy here.

DIY window clings

They look so pretty with blue lights, a perfect atmosphere for Christmas.


snowflake window clings

Happy holidays with your family and happy festive crafting ☺


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