Coconut Shrimp Fry Recipe | Delicious Sweet Aroma

Coconut Shrimp Fry

It’s been far too long since I’ve deep-fried food and had a crazy craving for some seafood. Shrimp fry with a lovely twist of coconut and breadcrumb mix was a great treat. Coconut Shrimp Fry 🍤 has a delicious coating of sweetness and light crunch. Although I had fresh grated coconut I wanted to try out […]

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Garlic Shrimp fry

Shrimps are one of my favorite. This pan fried shrimp recipe is one of the easy recipes to prepare when your craving to have something fried with spice. Not shelling the shrimp gives it a glorious spice filled flavor of garlic. I used fresh garlic as I was out of stock of garlic paste. If you […]

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