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Prawn Fried Rice Recipe

A quick and easy one pot rice recipe is the Fried Rice. I picked up this recipe from my sis-in-law back then when I used to visit them in a countryside. This is almost exactly her recipe.

It is a great way to use left over rice or prepare it quickly for many servings.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes (plus cooking rice 20 mins)


Oil – Vegetable/Olive


Green bell pepper – 1

Red bell pepper – 1

Green beans – 1/2 cup

Carrots – 1/2 cup


For the rice:

Cooked rice – 1 cup, (I used freshly cooked rice, you can also use left-over rice)

Ground black pepper – 1 tsp

Sweet chili sauce – 2 tbsp

Chicken stock – 1 cube, mixed in warm water

Spring onion – 1/2 cup, chopped

Prawns – 1 cup, whole or halved (I cut them into halves)

pepper powder  – pinch (for prawn)

Red chili powder – pinch (for prawn)

Egg – 2, lightly beaten with addition of a pinch of salt






1. Cut the ingredients into uniform size for an easy stir-fry. Set them aside.


green beans, carrots



2. Heat a wok or deep pan with 1 tsp of oil.Swirl the pan to coat the pan evenly. To determine the wok is hot enough flick droplets of water, they will evaporate in a matter of seconds (make sure not to overheat). Now, its ready to stir-fry the ingredients.


3. Stir Fry:

Add the beaten eggs, stir-fry and scramble using a wooden spatula for 1- 2 minutes. Transfer it on a large plate.


Then add the carrots and green beans. Fry till tender crisp, for couple of minutes (I fried this separately as it takes longer time to be crispy-tender). Transfer into the same plate containing eggs.

Then, stir-fry peppers until tender crisp. Transfer to the plate.

Do the same for prawns, add 1/4 tsp salt, pepper powder, red chili powder, stir-fry on high till it turns slightly brown. Set it aside in the plate.

prawn stir-fry

Prawn stir-fry

prawn, bell-pepper, green beans, carrots, egg

Stir-fry mixture

4. Heat the wok with 1 tbsp oil, set it on low heat. Add a little portion of the above stir-fry mixture and a slight portion of  cooked rice,  1 tbsp sweet chili sauce,  add half of  the stock . Mix lightly.

.white rice

Chicken stock


Then with rest of stir-fried mixture, rest of the rice add remaining stock . Mix to combine everything. 

Fried Rice

Garnish with spring onion.



5. Serve hot. Can be served with sweet chili sauce.

Fried Rice





*For left over cold rice, add 1 tbsp oil, stir through to split the rice grains for a couple of minutes until heated. Add the stir-fried mixture and follow the steps as mentioned ion step 4.

*If you do not have let over rice. Prepare an hour in advance and spread it over a pan or refrigerate to cool faster.





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