Breadfruit chili fry | Delicious Sweet Aroma | Indian

Pan-Fried Breadfruit Recipe


While Breadfruit is still unknown to many, they are commonly found in tropical areas where good amount of sunlight and rain is required.

We have a tree in our backyard in my hometown and quiet often my family used to prepare this recipe to accompany with anything as a side dish. During my last visit home in March – when it’s the season for breadfruits, the tree stopped fruiting a lot with few breadfruits falling off before even they turn ripe. So, before leaving, I bought a ripe one at the open market and when I got back to Singapore, stored it in the fridge for a few days.

Breadfruit is considered to alleviate hunger and feed the world. It is large, green with a prickly skin when unripe. When buying look for a mature one with a greenish-yellow skin, a smooth surface which is not prickly, a brownish cracking between the surface segments. Avoid buying immature “Green” Breadfruit. In order to delay ripening, store it in the fridge for few days and then freeze it for later use. It tastes more like a roasted potato when ripe. Sweet with an aromatic fragrance.

Pan-Fried Breadfruit Recipe is easy to be made once you learn how to cut it. Do share your views on this recipe. Following are a few names of Breadfruit :

Deeviso gujo / Jeev Kadgi / Dee Gujje (Konkani), Ber / Beru (Kannada), Neer Phanas (Marathi), Brot Frucht (German), Panas (Puerto Rico)

Preparation time : 10 minutes

Cooking time: 7 -10 minutes


Breadfruit – 500 g

Red chili powder – 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Paprika powder – 1 tsp

Vinegar – 1/2 tsp

Salt – 3/4 tsp


1. How to cut breadfruit >>

Cut into halves. Peel it as it were a potato.

Raw Breadfruit | Vegetarian

Breadfruit, gujo recipe | Raw Breadfruit

Cut them into thin slices of less than 0.5 cm thickness, remove and dispose the core. Season with salt and let it rest for 15 minutes (refer notes for storing extra quantity).

Sliced Raw Breadfruit | Vegetarian


2. Apply some salt and set it aside for 15 mins. After a while you will notice some water settling at the bottom. Discard the water and apply the chili paste (or homemade paste) with your hands.

chili paste, breadfruit

Breadfruit coated with chili coating | Vegetarian

3. With 2 tbsp of oil, heat a pan. Pan fry each side on medium heat for 4-5 mins or until golden brown.

Pan fried Breadfruit | Delicious Sweet Aroma

Breadfruit chili fry | Vegetarian

Breadfruit chili fry | Delicious Sweet Aroma | Indian



If you find a breadfruit at your location, especially in the western countries, please share in comments below for everyone who has not seen or tasted it gets assistance in finding it. ✍🙂


P.S: I haven’t found a Breadfruit in Singapore yet. I will definitely update it when I do.




*Apply some salt to the rest of the slices of breadfruit and store it in airtight container in the fridge. When ready to use, apply chili paste and fry.


Stay Healthy!